Customized applications and programs for a wide range of industries, providers, and patients

For physical therapists, athletic trainers, doctors, and caregivers, PowerDot MT® enables a human touch from a distance. The provider simply gives a PowerDot MT “pod” to clients, and administers care by managing treatment remotely via an app on each user’s phone.

The patient-facing PowerDot MT app makes treatment measureable, and easy to both execute and understand.

Available for iOS
Android support coming soon

How it works

PT may have 10 clients that require muscle and nerve stimulation for rehabilitation. Rather than administer this time-consuming care during each office visit, PTs can give patients PowerDot MT pods to use at home, and devote visits to personal evaluations and new treatments.

PowerDot MT – Driving value in your practice

Expand revenue, increase patient satisfaction and grow your patient base by using the smartest and most compliant solution for soft tissue care in the world

Expand Revenue

Compliant Reporting — Individualized report confirming session execution and effectiveness to support billing.

Clear Reimbursement — When clinically appropriate, treatments and evaluations can be billed under well understood CPT codes.

Rapid Return of Investment

PowerDot MT enables a positive ROI after 24 hours of full utilization and positive cash flows for years following the initial investment.

See the table below.

Retain Clients

Memberships — PowerDot MT partners typically charge between $10-$15 per treatment session while some offer unlimited monthly memberships.

Remote Sessions — further your personal relationship with your client by sending individualized protocols and having direct connectivity, remotely.

“PowerDot’s medical platform allows us to run multiple stim sessions simultaneously from a single interface, as well as remotely deliver protocols to clients in their home while we monitor their progress from our facility.”

John Monteith, Founder and CEO, Adapt Movement

Improving patient engagement

In addition to improving the mutual benefit of each office visit, PowerDot MT can further patient engagement. Instead of going home with printouts of exercises (which are often ignored), they’ll have an app on their phones and a pod in their hands.

No need to set aside 30 minutes for stretching — they can use PowerDot MT as they work, eat, and even sleep.

The PowerDot MT charging station, and provider-side app

Where treatment protocols are created
and sent to client apps

How it works

A single PowerDot MT station enables a single therapist, trainer, or caregiver to concurrently serve 16 patients, delivering 25+ NMES rehabilitation programs, 30+ TENS/pain management modalities, and 10+ additional programs for performance, recovery, and massage — addressing 50+ medical conditions and problems.

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