Rehabilitation treatments, pain management, and athletic performance improvement programs customized for your needs, and your schedule

PowerDot MT® can simplify muscle recovery and improve pain management for surgery recovery, performance athletes, and people with long-term disabilities resulting from, for example, muscular atrophy or injury.

Muscle recovery

Speed up muscle & joint recovery

Recovery is essential to any workout program, but deactivating on rest day isn’t the solution. Instead, reactivate with PowerDot MT® to recover faster. PowerDot MT keeps you moving by gently contracting your muscles with electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) technology — and the more you move, the better you feel.

Reduce muscle soreness

Bring in fresh, oxygenated blood to provide your muscles with what they need to recover from strains, tears or injuries faster. Flush out lactic acid by keeping your muscles moving with pain-free and scientifically proven EMS technology.

Take control of your recovery

Recovery is an essential part of helping your body perform at the highest level. The PowerDot MT recovery programs assist in the recovery process between activities. Use them on a regular basis, and in conjunction with direction from your trainer or clinician, to make your next performance the best one yet.

Training and performance

Improve muscle strength & endurance

PowerDot MT® gives you peak performance optimization at your fingertips. Electrical muscle stimulation uses different Hertz ranges to activate muscle fibers, forcing them to contract. Why increase the number of muscle fibers that contract? Essentially, so you can jump higher, lift more, run longer and recover faster. Used by the world’s top athletes, PowerDot MT uses EMS technology to cause your muscles to contract, which can help them get stronger.

Make workouts more effective

Bring in fresh, oxygenated blood to provide your muscles with what they need to recover from strains, tears or injuries faster. Flush out lactic acid by keeping your muscles moving with pain-free and scientifically proven EMS technology.

Target specific muscle groups

Change the way you train forever by activating and stimulating individual muscles with the same technology high-performance athletes have used for decades. PowerDot MT has multiple preset programs — that can be created and customized for you by your trainer or clinician — that break down muscles in order to increase strength and endurance.

Pain relief

Smart TENS™: A revolutionary new way to relieve pain.

The journey begins when your clinician or therapist creates a specialized program that’s delivered to the app on your mobile device. You work with them to determine where the pain is, confirm the type of pain (chronic, acute, injury related, etc), and set a personalized pain score or tolerance. Then, any time at all, you simply attach PowerDot MT® as directed by your clinician and run the programs they created for you.

Target your pain

Pain in your shoulder can be completely different from pain in your knee. To get to the root of the problem we need to know where the pain exists. This is the first step to creating your custom pain relief program.

Set your pain score

Knowing what level of pain you are experiencing helps us adjust the program for effectiveness. TENS works on the Gate Theory by blocking the pain signals from reaching the brain. The level of pain needs to be matched with the level of relief you will be receiving.

Track your progress

Easy to read graphs show your progress over time allowing you to monitor your pain score. Keep an eye on how your body is reacting to not only what you do in the app, but how your daily life can affect your levels of pain.

Injury prevention

Reduce the risk of injury

Whether you are using electric muscle stimulation to be proactive or reactive to an injured area PowerDot MT® can help tremendously. Daily or weekly EMS treatments can help reduce existing discomfort or even help you avoid future injury. PowerDot MT uses the same pain-free, effective, and proven technology physical therapists use to treat their patients and puts it safely in your hands.

Avoid future injury

You can use PowerDot MT electrical muscle stimulation technology on almost any part of the body to help you warm up, workout strong, cool down, and recover. Our intuitive EMS device offers a variety of fitness programs designed to help you build muscle strength, increase endurance and resistance, and avoid future injury.

Trusted technology

Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) is proven technology that was once something only used by physicians, physical therapists and top professional athletes. Today electric muscle stimulation is accessible to everyone — from athletes to fitness enthusiasts, elite trainers, and more. PowerDot MT uses this same FDA-cleared EMS technology and packs it into a small lightweight pod, completely controlled by an app on your mobile device.

Strengthen specific muscles

Electric muscle stimulation, when used correctly and consistently, helps strengthen individual muscles as well as muscle groups. Utilizing PowerDot MT's in app placement guides and 10+ preset programs helps you target the muscles you are looking to strengthen or recover. Giving you world class muscle stimulation at your fingertips.

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