Frequently Asked Questions

What is PowerDot MT?
    • PowerDot MT is the leading FDA Cleared App-based Clinical NMES (NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation) and TENS device, allowing clinicians the ability to treat multiple patients from one smart device in clinic or remotely.
    • HIPPA compliance
    What are the contraindications for use of PowerDot MT?
      • People with electronic devices such as pacemakers and intra-cardiac defibrillators.
      • People suffering from epilepsy.
      • Use during pregnancy.
      • Place of electrodes to the front and sides of the neck.
      • Stimulation of the thoracic area of people with cardiac arrhythmia.
      • Stimulation of the lower legs in cases of venous thrombosis or severe arterial obstruction (ischemia).
      • Stimulation of abdominal area in case of abdominal or inguinal hernia.
    What smart devices is PowerDot MT compatible with?
      • Currently the PowerDot MT app and Pods are compatible with Apple iPads (5th Gen or newer) running iOS 12 or later for in-clinic use. 
      • The PowerDot Pods are compatible with iPhones, iPads (5th Gen or newer) and iPod Touches running iOS 9.3 or later for patients running remote sessions.  
    What is the optimal level of intensity?
      • Our Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Performance and Massage programs should be comfortable during use and the intensity only needs to increase to the point where the patient feels the stimulus and there is a visual twitch or contraction.
      • PowerDot MT offers an intensity of 1-100 for each of the programs, but it how high of an intensity is all up to the patient, their comfort level and exposure to stim.
    How long do the PowerDot MT pads last?
      • The life span of pads are approximately 20 applications, but reach and exceed 30 applications. We suggest using an alcohol wipe, or a saline wipe to clean the skin prior to use. Applying the pads on clean, dry skin is important, so even just wiping off any sweat or natural skin oils with a towel will help. Always store in a cool place. These tips and good care of the pads will get pads to last 20-30 applications per set (or around 1 month).
    What is the difference between the PowerDot MT Practitioner kit and the Clinical kit?
      • The PowerDot MT Clinic kit comes with:
        • 1 x Charging Stations
        • 1 x iPad
        • 8 x PowerDot MT Pods
        • 8 x PowerDot MT Single Channel Leads
        • 8 x PowerDot MT Dual Channel Leads
        • 8 x PowerDot MT Long Dual Channel Leads
        • 8 x Charging Cables for Patient Kits
        • 8 x Patient Carrying Cases
        • 50 x Packs of Patient Electrodes
      • The PowerDot MT Patient Kit comes with:
        • 1 x PowerDot MT Pods
        • 1 x PowerDot MT Single Channel Leads
        • 1 x PowerDot MT Dual Channel Leads
        • 1 x PowerDot MT Long Dual Channel Leads
        • 1 x Patient Carrying Cases
        • 1 x Pack of Patient Electrodes
    How many pads are in a replacement pack?
      • 1 Pack of pad contains 2 circular pads and 1 rectangular pad 
    PowerDot MT versus PowerDot Consumer - differences
      • What F&B’s do we want to highlight?
      • Remote
      • Multiple patients at once – 16 in clinic and infinite remotely
      • Reporting

    ***PowerDot MT devices and PowerDot consumer devices are incompatible***

    How many patients am I able to treat with PowerDot MT?
      • The clinic will be able to support up to 32 PowerDot MT Pods from 1 iPad, this will allow for treating 16 patients as a 4 channel set up.  
      • With Remote sessions the number of patients being treated is only limited to the number of patients the clinic sends remote sessions to.   
    What are the benefits of using a 2 channel set up versus a 4 channel set up?
      • The 2 channel set up is a single PowerDot MT Pod that allows the ability to stimulate one side of the body at a time. The 4 channel set up is a pair of PowerDot MT Pods allowing the user to stimulate both sides of the body or multiple muscle groups at once. Either option allows access to all of the pad placements, programs and modalities in the PowerDot MT app. 
      • The benefits of the 4 channel set up:
        • Cuts usage in half when being bilateral – For example you would run De-contraction massage for both quads post PT for a total of 21 minutes versus running re-contraction Massage twice, once for each quad for a total of 42 minutes.
    What is the PowerDot MT “Lease” feature and how does it work?
      • The PowerDot MT App has a “Lease” device feature which allows the clinic to tie a PowerDot MT Pod to a patient for tracking and use while using their prescribed therapy remotely. 
    How often should my patients use PowerDot MT? Could patients use PowerDot MT more than once a day?
      • Our recommendation is to utilize the Performance programs no more than 1-2 times daily, per muscle group. The Recovery, Rehabilitation and TENS programs, can be utilized multiple times daily or as often as prescribed. 
    Will my patients be able to see reimbursement from their HSA/FSA/Insurance?
      • We are an FDA cleared medical device, most customers using an FSA/HSA/Insurance have had success in having their carrier cover their PowerDot MT use or have had to follow reimbursement. It is up to the patient’s FSA/HSA/Insurance carrier as to whether PowerDot MT is covered or not.

        We would suggest contacting the patient’s carrier to see what they recommend or for their policy.
    How often do I need to charge my PowerDot MTs?
      • PowerDot MT utilizes a Lithium-Ion battery, which is, when fully charged, able to provide 8-12 hours of continuous stimulation. An average active user should expect to re-charge their PowerDot MTs once every 2 weeks or even once a month.
    How long does it take to charge my PowerDot MTs?
      • Charging your PowerDot MTs to full should not take more than 90 minutes with the PowerDot MT charging station. You can charge PowerDot MT Pods from any micro-USB connection or standard USB-compatible AC charger. 
    When should the pads be replaced?
      • For optimum performance of your PowerDot MT, make sure your electrode pads are sticky and clean.
    Replace pads when they no longer stick to skin, when the sticky (hydrogel) side is covered with lint or when patients start experiencing a slight tingling sensation during the stimulation.
    Why does the stimulation only felt/seen under the rectangular pads?
      • PowerDot MT applies electrical impulses to contract or twitch the muscles. The electrical impulse always flows between two points, with one point (or channel) beginning at the rectangular pad and one round pad and the second point/channel between the rectangular pad and the second round pad.


    Therefore, if you disconnect the round pads, you won't be able to feel/see any muscle stimulation at all.


    The following factors could be attributed to the difference in your feelings:

    Positioning of the pads - If the rectangular pad is located closer to the nerve or muscle motor point, the brain could be prioritizing the stimulation feedback signal between the pads. Feel free to experiment with pad position of round pads on the muscle in order to see if you can find a position closer to the muscle belly (where motor points are usually located).   

    Muscle fatigue - If the patient’s muscle fibers under the round pads are significantly tired compared to the muscles under rectangular pad, a higher intensity will be required in order to notice the difference.


    In general, if you can see a contraction or twitches under any of the pads, there is absolutely no reason to worry, as the muscles always contract along its full length, between the rectangular pad and each of the round pads.


    Could I patients use PowerDot MTs while on a plane for remote sessions?
      • Yes! Once on the flight and in Airplane mode, the patient simply turns Bluetooth back on and they will be able to use all of the PowerDot MT programs prescribed to them while in flight. 
    Why does one PowerDot MT Pod feel stronger than the other during use?
      • There is a possibility of having a minor muscle imbalance. Let’s say the patient does PT 4-5 times a week and use your PowerDot MTs daily for recovery and pain management. No matter which program is selected, the right side (dominant side) will always fire at a lower intensity with recovery programs because of overcompensation during activity. On the other hand, when using the Performance programs, the left side (non-dominant side) will fire at a lower intensity because it is not put under as much stress as the right side. Now if you swapped the device from left to right you would have to adjust the intensity; this is the easiest way to tell if it is an imbalance.

    Below are more factors, but feel free to call us directly for an in-depth explanation on this or even try troubleshooting to help with the potential imbalance.

    Th following factors may also account for what difference in stimulus during use:

    - Level of battery charge. Make sure the battery charge level is similar on both devices or get a full charge on both devices.

    - Pads setup: make sure that pads setup on one side is mirroring the other side. Both setups should follow the recommended positioning in the app.

    - Some people have difference in sensation and muscle recruitment between left and right sides of the body. In case if you still feel the difference, please adjust the intensity for each device separately using the PowerDot MT mobile app “Link Device/Link Channel” feature, available from the Stimulation Dashboard in the bottom menu.

    - The linked devices feature allows you to control each PowerDot MT independently when the features are turned off. You could then turn of link channels and control each cable independently. This is very useful when you are dealing with imbalance/dominance.

    If you believe that the above information does not pertain to your situation, please contact us at

    Could my patient’s use PowerDot MT while being active or training?
      • We recommend sitting or lying down during your PowerDot MT stimulation sessions with the main objective of developing strong isometric resistance for the heavy muscle contractions, generated by PowerDot MT.

    However, depending on the muscles you’re stimulating and your stimulation program selection, you can also perform other activities (e.g. use your laptop or PC, read a book or watch TV) that will create little or no impact during you PowerDot MT stimulation.

    The PowerDot MT app provides advice on the recommended stimulation positions for different stimulation programs and muscle groups.

    Once the patients tolerance towards muscle stim increases, they may try applying various dynamic exercises during use of the Rehabilitation or Performance programs (such as performing air squats during strength/explosive strength contractions over your quads or or Triggered stimulation while in their gate cycle).

    NEVER use PowerDot MT while driving, operating machinery, doing heavy physical training or any other action where involuntary muscle contraction can cause an accident or injury.