Improving muscle rehabilitation, optimizing athletic performance, and supporting long-term wellness

Some Sad Facts

The patient who needs rehab after surgery usually doesn’t do much more than what happens in clinic (which can extend their recovery times and costs)

The athlete who would benefit from ongoing muscle recovery therapy is often limited to occasional visits to the training room

The aging person living with muscle pain has to either accept the risks that often come with medications or learn to live it


PowerDot MT can help change how physical therapists, athletic trainers, and long-term caregivers support the rehabilitation, performance, and overall health of these people and more

Removing the four walls of the training room & rehab center

Up until very recently, for patients or athletes to benefit from treatment, they would have to visit a provider or trainer, get wired to a TENS or NMES machine — or, if they’re “lucky,” borrow a machine, and a box of wires with electrodes — and repeat, repeat, repeat.

But PowerDot MT has enhanced the core technology and treatments in TENS and NMES (e.g., muscle re-education, pain management, increasing range of motion), merged it with additional modalities for performance, recovery, and massage, and created a mobile delivery system that’s managed through an app.

In short, PowerDot MT:

Takes technology and techniques that were once only available on-site and makes them available anywhere and anytime

Creates an ongoing connection between patients and physical therapists through personalized protocols delivered remotely

Makes it easier for patients to have a more active role in their own well-being

PowerDot MT is removing the four walls of the rehab center and training room, and making muscle rehabilitation, recovery, and pain management as easy as Instagram

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